Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Today Lizzie Jenkins, Tasmin Fletcher, Joanna Lisowiec and I went to Wolfcrag, above Bridge of Allan, in Stirlingshire for a spot of bouldering. There are routes here but the majority of the crag is bouldering so I only took a pad. I managed to work the low traverse of the main block (F7a). This gets a sport grade as it is quite long and not really a bouldery sort of climb. I also managed Experiments in Incest (font 6b) and Pod Central (font 5+). Lizzie, Tasmin and Joanna climbed things, although im not sure exactly what.
Whilst resting bettween attempts on the traverse I had a look at the rocks which make up the crag. The crag is a hard sandstone, which is very rough on the skin! There appeared to be some turbidites and pinching laminae, im not sure of the exact name. There were no signs of bioturbation, and I couldn't make out much layering. The grain size was also generally very small, except within the trubidites. This makes me think that it was of a deep sea origin, possibly a pro delta environment. Generally sediment laid down would be very fine grained muds, but occasionally a turbidity current would bring large grained material. The deep sea setting would mean that there is little chance of bioturbation.

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