Saturday, 19 January 2013


My 2013 winter season has started quite badly. Shortly after Christmas my car broke and I hurt my back. To add to this I was in rainy Yorkshire. I did however manage a day at The Works, Stanage and Almscliff before this. It was quite windy at Stanage so I spent most of the day working the green traverse and Almscliff was spent repeating problems ive done before. The Works was much more productive. I managed to flash First Blood (m9+) with beta from Greg Boswell and did Blood Donor (m9) on my second attempt, which I was pretty chuffed with.
Shortly after this I returned to Edinburgh. On my first night back I went for a climb at The CSE. I warmed up as usual and then was trying a slightly harder problem. I managed to get to the top of the route with little difficulty but my hand slipped off the top while I still had a high heel. I fell a bit awkwardly and landed on an out stretched arm, which made a big pop as I hit the mat. Over a week on and the pain has subsided mostly although it still hurts when I try and bend at the elbow. This injury has caused me to miss my first appearance at the Ice Climbing World Cup. Hopefully I wont miss too much of the winter season