Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Revision stops play (sort of)

Its currently exam time at uni, so I'm in full on revision more (or as near to it as I get). I finish exams this Friday (3rd May), so after then I will hopefully get out on rock as much as I can.
To say I haven't been climbing would be a bit of a lie. Since my last trip related post I have been to Spain on a field trip and down to Yorkshire.
As I was on a field trip in Spain I didn't do very much climbing, although I did manage to boulder around on the occasional exposure we were looking at and climbed on some nice conglomerate on a beach near Almeria on out last day.
After getting back from Spain I decided I should try and live in the library for the next 2 weeks. I got a bit of climbing in whilst out on runs round Blackford Hill. Id run to Agassiz rock, climb for an hour or so, then run home again. Last Wednesday I decided I would see how working from home went, so I drove back to Yorkshire for a few days. It didn't go well. I ended up going climbing at Red Goat climbing wall in York a few times and managed an evening out at Almscliff. I drove back up to Edinburgh on Saturday and stopped off at Back Bowden Doors in Northumberland on the way past for a quick boulder. I managed to tick Darth (f6c) and Under the Spell (f7a) among some other things.
On my return to Edinburgh I found a new pair of climbing shoes sent to me by outdoorkit.co.uk to review. They are a pair of Scarpa Vapour Velcros. I have managed a quick session down at Agassiz rock in them, but other than that I haven't really used them. A review should hopefully appear here in the not too distant future.
Anyway I should get back to working again!

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