Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Korean ice world cup

This past week I have been competing in the uiaa ice world cup in Korea. I have had a really good time with my team members Scott and Matt, old friends and new friends.
The trip started pretty badly as Scott and I lost our bags in transit. They were luckily returned just before the competition started.
The competition itself didn't go great for me. I was first to climb, which is exactly were I didn't want to be, and ripped the very first ice hold! I was allowed to restart and climbed quite slowly. I came 20th in my group, so roughly 40th overall.
The next day Matt and I competed in the speed event. This went better putting me in 18th, missing out on the next round by just 2 places!
The last couple of days we have spent in Seoul training. Firstly we went to a small boulder wall where I picked up some great tips from the Korean route setter and today we climbed on an outdoor wall which allowed us to use crampons.
We are now in the airport waiting for our flight and I'm looking forward to a few days at home training and then the European comps!

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