Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Glen Coe Conditions 31.12.13

I managed one last day of winter in 2013 yesterday with an ascent of the Aonach Eagach ridge in Glen Coe.
The weather was looking to be a bit blowy but I figured if I climbed something where I could just keep on moving it wouldn't affect me too much. 
It was a bit wet in the morning and I almost sacked off the ridge for the day and ended up heading into Fort William for some breakfast. On my way back through Glen Coe again I decided I might as well just go and try it. Id probably get wet but I can always dry off again and Im here already. 
It was wet on the way up
I left the car at 11am in the wind and rain and made my way up. Things started getting wintry just before Am Bodach with snow on the ground, although it was a bit wet. On the ridge there was some good snow about and even a bit of decent turf in places. The rocks weren't exactly rimed up but there was snow in all the important places. I thought the bit around the pinnacles was pretty fun, and felt fair for grade II, but it was sustained. 
Looking towards the pinnacles
Back at the pinnacles
The weather improved throughout the day and I managed to get a good look at a few of the crags in the area. Bidean looked reasonably white, as did parts of Stob Coire nan Lochain. I managed to get a look across at the Ben, although you can't really see the North Face from the ridge, but it did have a good cover of snow. 
Glen Coe Crags with Bidean and Lochain in the clouds
Towards Ben Nevis
Hopefully the weather will settle down soon for some proper climbing!
Happy New Year and Safe Climbing!

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