Sunday, 18 August 2013


I'm really enjoying my climbing at the moment. I don't really care if I'm climbing inside or out, using the beast maker or just watching a climbing film. I like everything about it.
I do still prefer to climb outside, its just a bit nicer really isn't it, but I have managed to tick off a few cool problems at indoor walls. OK so indoor climbing isn't cool and no one really wants to hear about it but I'm still proud of my achievements.
Now to outdoors. On Friday I made a trip to Hepburn in Northumberland. Despite a quite frustrating start to the day when I fell off nearly everything I did end up climbing some pretty cool problems, and finding others that I really want to go back and try. I managed to climb Rheumatology (7a) and 3 6b's which I had been unable to finish off on a previous visit. These were Roof Problem LH, Roof Problem RH and Fine Arete. They all went down reasonably easy as well, which makes it all the sweeter. Whilst walking around the woods near A Northern Soul I found a cool looking line which wasn't in the guide but had some chalked up holds. I spent quite a while attempting it, but not really getting anywhere. I guessed it would probably be 7c (it just looked like one). A quick check on UKC and a google shows that it is called Trivial Pursuit and gets either 7b+ or 7c.
Trivial Pursuit
Today I made a trip up to the crags after doing some work in the library. I spent a while working the L-R variation on the Low Black Wall Traverse (7b). I managed all the moves on it which is pretty cool. I almost go it linked too but the final move is a very low percentage dynamic foot placement sort of monster so I fell off. Hopefully I will get this linked soon!
Low Black Wall Traverse
In other news my dissertation seems to be going well but I haven't really tried to manipulate the data yet so it could all still fall to pieces!

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