Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back to the Motherland

I returned to home for a few days, home of course being Yorkshire. I only managed 2 days out, and they weren't really very successful, but here they are anyway.
On my way down I stopped at Almscliff. After a bit of a play on Stu's Roof Left Hand I tried Si's Arete. I had come close on this a number of times but never managed to do the final move. After a quick work of the start I was soon back to my high point, going to the final hold. This move isn't big I just always find it hard to commit to. I tried a number of different foot positions and finally settled on a frogging approach. I did it on my second go after working this out. Im really pleased to send this as I have been trying it for a while. It is also the hardest problem I've climbed all summer at font 7a+.
The next day I went to Brimham rocks. This was a pretty bad trip. I left late so I didn't have much time to climb. I then managed to hurt my back whilst warming up, which has been giving me bother ever since. I did however manage a few nice things, most notably of which is a font 6b+ called Bellyflop. This problem is aptly named as it is the best way to top it out. I tried to do a stylish mantle on my first attempt but that failed so on my second go I just belly flopped onto the top. This problem goes through a roof close to the car park. I had been here on my first visit to Brimham but I couldn't do anything on it, which makes this tick quite significant for me. It means that atleast I have improved in the last year!
Sorry about the lack of photos again!

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