Friday, 2 November 2012

Getting Creative

It was the first CSE climbing competition this Thursday, which I went to. The format this year was different from previous years as there were no mats to pad up the tower with. In this case the competition was a joint bouldering and top rope competition. The competition wasn't a massive success, as the CSE route setters don't really climb in competitions and didn't seem to understand how to set for them. Regardless we soldiered on and I managed to come out in 2nd in the male hard category, 7 points ahead of Hugo and 5 points behind Ryan. I'm very pleased with this placing as its the highest Ive ever placed in a non dry tooling competition.
Today I have been getting creative with and old pair of climbing shoes. Ive wanted a pair of fruit boots for a while but they are very expensive to buy so I have decided to make my own. I used my old Scarpa Mago's and bought a pair of Petzl dart crampons and bolted them to the front. This is the result.....
Hopefully they wont fall to pieces too soon.

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